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About Us

About The Layered Life

Over here at The Layered Life we have been deep into our yoga practice for quite a few years now. It's only been this past year that we have discovered the incredible new journeys, the places you can take your mind, body, and soul, when you immerse yourself in a yoga retreat experience!

Our aim is to provide you with retreat opportunities that  can not only expand your practice but truly allow you to open up all the layers of your being, to find your truest self. We all struggle with balance, The Layered Life has set out to create journeys that will care for each of your 'layers' (mind, body, spirit, love, family, soul) and allow you to find a more peaceful state of being, The 'blissful state of being' as they say in The Koshas. We hope you will find the perfect adventure to join us!

Bringing YOU the best Teachers and Leaders

Crystal Rainbow Borrelli

Crystal Rainbow Borrelli 

Raised by Yogis &  trained in India and Nicaragua. She is dedicated to her roots to teach the old Traditions & practices of yoga. Offering  a powerful class in Asana with depth into Pranayama, Mantra & Mythology. She is the creator of Mythic Mantra for teacher trainings and holds international retreats. She teaches public classes, privates, workshops, retreats, Kirtan, Mantra, and Sanskrit in 200hr and 300hr YTT. Her bubbly personality and infectious laugh will have you stepping out of your comfort zone in a playful way to discover yourself on your mat. Her classes will have you sweating, laughing and feeling energized! Crystal’s passion and heart for living and exploring shine through in everything she does.

E-RYT 500hr

Natalie Rousseau

My personal journey on the path of yoga began in 1999, and like any intimate relationship it continues to reveal ever more subtle layers of beauty and wonder with each passing day. I began sharing my passion for practice with others in 2002, and my classes reflect the teachings I have received in my years as a student of the Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Anusara traditions. You will find my offerings are infused with the things that inspire me most, namely the wisdom and intelligence of nature, my delight in myth & story, and the power of practice to awaken the mind & heart. 

You can read more about Natalie on her website:

Willow Bloomquist

As a mother of two, wife of one, employee, sister, daughter, niece, and friend I often found myself pulled in so many directions. Struggling to create balance within all my relationships, my work, and my life my yoga practice has been essential! Going on retreat has allowed me to delve so deeply in to each of the layers that tug at my soul on a daily basis. I found focus, clarity, joy; a reenergizing of my entire being that I could carry with me long after I returned home from the journey. It's a journey I hope to share with many others and we are working on creating some incredible experiences with our upcoming retreats. 

Janet Corvino

Janet is both a yoga Instructor, Teacher Trainer and an innovator of hosting yoga retreats. Janet loves to have her students play on the mat, explore and create deep openings in body and spirit . Her classes are a mix of alignment cues and wisdom based themes. Janet teaches “real life yoga for everyday living”.

Janet was part of the YYoga Teacher training faculty in Vancouver, BC. from 2013-2017. Janet instructs trainees in a 200hr, 300hr certification programs and 20 hr Yoga Immersions. Janet has a graduate degree in interdisciplinary Education and loves teaching teachers how to teach. She has worked as a learning specialist for 20 years, and mentored Columbia University Graduate Education students while living in NYC before becoming a devoted yogi and yoga instructor.

She is generous with her support and deeply devoted to her students.

Kristin Campbell

Kristin Campbell is her name and Self Care is her game.

Kristin practices self-care (aka self-love) with yoga, meditation, yoga-nidra, breathwork, and living ayurvedically, which means to live according to the daily and seasonal rhythms. 

Kristin is a voracious forever student, an experienced teacher-trainer, and mentor for teachers.

With depth, precision, compassionate Mama-bear love, a buoyant personality and a knack for holding space her classes inspire the student to engage in a way that is truly empowering and educational.

At other times you might find Kristin brewing Squamish Water Kefir, picking snap peas off the vine, at the lake with her friends and a whole lotta kids in tow, sipping a fabulous mushroom and fat infused coffee, or playing outdoors aka nature bathing, in the beauty of her surroundings in Squamish BC.

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