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To the Roots Expanded, February 15th-23rd,2021


To the Roots Expanded, an adventure to Jaipur and Varanasi, India w/ Crystal Rainbow Borrelli and Natalie Rousseau! Nov 25th-Dec 3rd, 2021 

India is such an incredible and vibrant country; Crystal and Natalie have spent many hours, even days, exploring its cities and streets and they want to take you with them! 

Recognizing that travelling in a new country, especially one as busy, and wild, and colourful as India, can be overwhelming we thought giving our Back to the Roots students a chance to continue on with Crystal and Natalie would be a great way to explore, while feeling just as at home in India as they do! We will be taking you on an adventure into the cities we love, complete with guided tours as well as lots of time to wander, see the sights (and even rest) over the 9 day expanded experience!

Click the Retreat Details button to see more information about the expanded retreat and what we have planned!

PRICE: $1150 CDN

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