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Retreat Includes

  • 2 extra nights at the Dewa Retreat Centre in Rishikesh

  • Breakfast and dinner at Dewa

  • 3 nights accommodation at the Ganpati Guest House in Varanasi

  • Guided tour day in Varanasi

  • 3 nights accommodation at the Marigold Inn in Jaipur

  • Breakfast and dinner daily in Jaipur

  • Guided tour day in Jaipur

  • Airport transfers in Varanasi and Jaipur

  • Adventure, colorful surroundings, and laughter

  • Price: $1150 (does not include airfare)

  • Getting There

  • Fly from Rishikesh to Delhi on Feb. 17th

  • Fly from Delhi to Varanasi on Feb.17th

  • Fly from Varanasi to Jaipur on Feb. 20th

  • Flight costs and booking are the responsibility of each individual student

  • Itinerary

  • February 15th-Back to the Roots ends

  • Feb.16th-Rest day in Rishikesh

  • Feb.17th-Fly to Varanasi through Delhi

  • Feb.18th-Tour of Varanasi

  • Feb.19th-Free day to explore Varanasi

  • Feb.20th-Fly to Jaipur

  • Feb.21st-Tour of Jaipur

  • Feb.22nd-Free day to explore Jaipur

  • Feb.23rd-Adventure ends


2 Extra nights at the Dewa Retreat Centre in shared rooms with one other student.

3 nights in Varanasi at the Ganpati Guest House

-All students in private rooms

This 200 year old property is located on the edge of the Ganges River and has a relaxed and colourful vibe! A rooftop restaurant, clean rooms, and helpful staff make this a favourite location for Crystal when she's been to Varanasi on previous visits.

For more information about the Ganpati Guest House follow this link:

3 nights in Jaipur at the Marigold Inn

-A mix of private and shared rooms

This almost new hotel in the heart of the city is luxurious, comfortable, and filled with all the amenities that make us feel at home when we travel. The rooftop pool with it's wooden deck and seating surrounding is sure to be a favourite when you want to relax!

For more information about the Marigold Inn follow this link:

Its important to note: To the Roots Expanded does NOT include your flights between cities!

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